Rock and Roll Apps is an app builder that allows bands, musicians and radio show hosts to create and manage their own iPhone and/or Android apps at the most affordable price available. And we don't use the term affordable lightly. Our pricing starts at just $9.99 per month for an unlimited amount of use (plus a one time set up fee). So get started. Sign up now and start growing your audience.

Mobile brand amplification Robust features Load your tunes Create galleries Share memories Load your tour dates Share videos

Plans for any stage.

We're committed to helping you dominate the world with your talent. We've done our best to provide an unbelievable amount of functionality into our platform and we give you options on how to get started. It's easy and costs less than a couple of beers a month to join. Oh, and there are no monthly contracts. Can we make it any easier?

Rock Hard 9.99/mo
To get you rockin', this plan lets you create either an incredible iPhone or Android app.
Rock Harder 19.99/mo
Need to rock a little bit more? This plan lets you create both an iPhone and an Android app.
Rock Hardest
Coming soon. Get your lighters in the air! We're working on an iPad app.
Mobile brand amplification Robust features Load your tunes Create galleries Share memories Load your tour dates Share videos

Your App

A completely customizable app can be created from our powerful content management system. Don't be scared by the fancy tech talk. You can create your app in just a few minutes. You can stream your music, create photo albums, chat with your fans, show your calendar, play your videos, list news, link to your merchandise, create a mailing list. And that’s just a start.

Robust features

Stream Your Music

Your albums and songs can be listed for users to stream directly from your app. Users can upload as many songs as they like. There are no limitations. You can also link your songs to iTunes and Amazon so that your fans can purchase them.

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Photo Albums

Create photo albums for events. Got a bunch of photo's you took while recording your last record? Upload them and give your fans that inside look into how you do what you do. Got some photo's from your last gig? Upload 'em and let your fans share the moment. They can then share and comment on how killer you are.

Create galleries


Our video player functionality lets you stream your YouTube videos directly from the app. Now your videos can be seen anytime and anywhere. Not only that, your fans can comment and share those video's.

Share videos


Everybody wants to know where you will be next so why not tell them via our calendar feature. You can list your event and even provide directions via our link to Google Maps. Now go on and fill that show or special appearance with your friends and fans.

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